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School Pictures

School pictures are typically taken on three separate dates throughout the school year: initial takes, retakes, and new student takes.

For fast and convenient ordering, order your student's photos online at You may need your student's ID number, which can be found on the online portal, PowerSchool.

  • For pictures taken on August 29, 2023 (initial takes), use code EVTZ7DZ7W.
  • Retakes will be taken on Friday, Sept. 29, 2023. To order these pictures, you will need the following code: EVTD7B9KV.
  • Codes for retakes and new student takes will be posted when LifeTouch provides us with those dates.
  • Because school pictures are taken by a 3rd party, (LifeTouch), staff at Roy Jr. are unable to help with most issues. If you didn't receive your student's photos or have other issues, please visit for help.

Physical order forms will be available in the Main Office. You can also print the order form. The completed form and payment can be submitted to Main Office personnel.

School Pictures