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CTE Pathways

CTE Pathways Program

Did you know...
CTE Pathways show students a direct connection between doing well in high school and being able to transition smoothly to post-secondary opportunities or getting a good job when they graduate.

What Are CTE Pathways?
CTE Pathways, within eight Areas of Study, are rigorous programs of study to assure strong academic and technical preparation providing students with critical learning and hands-on skills. Students who focus on a Pathway acquire the skills necessary for entry into well-paid careers with high potential for rapid financial growth, increased levels of responsibility, and a high degree of personal satisfation.


  • Agriculture Pathways

  • Business Pathways

  • Family & Consumer Science Pathways

  • Health Science Pathways

  • Information Technology Pathways

  • Marketing Pathways

  • Skilled & Technical Sciences Pathways

  • Technology & Engineering Pathways

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Regional Pathways

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