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Community Council Minutes

January 19, 2022

Attendees- Deanne Chaston, Amy Hall, Anndee Hoskins, Rich Murray, Susan Scheiner, Suzanne Striland, Joshua Thayne

Welcome- Rich Murray

Reading Initiative-  1st semester we identified with the comm literacy test done in the English classes that the reading levels at Roy Junior are lower than we had hoped.. 7th grade- 18 students very low, 43 low- 8th grade- 38 very low, 73 low- 9th grade- 13 very low, 23 low.  We have found across the board that students that struggle with reading typically struggle with all academic areas and have more behavior issues.  Teachers, counselors and administrators looked at the data and developed a tiered system for behavior management.  The system starts with classroom rules and explicitly telling students expectations. We have allocated fiscal and personnel resources to this endeavor.  We have seen behaviors this year that we have never seen before.  For several years, our faculty focused on improving failing grades.  One factor that stood in our way…student absences (the state of Utah has recently relaxed truancy consequences).  Teachers called home, made home visits, and did everything they could to get students to come to school, but had little success.  We shifted our paradigm- administrators and counselors will work with parents and students to get excessively students back to school. Teachers will help B students become A students and C students become B students.

Tier II Program- Our Tier II program was put on hold as the person that was overseeing it got a new assignment.  We have recently hired a new employee (Daiseliz Young Torres) to over see this program.  We look forward to a strongly run program that will empower our students to be successful as she works directly with our counselor Kelli Figgins.  The Tier II program helps our students get back on track with their behavior and academics. 1st semester teachers and staff focused on interventions. 2nd semester they will be focusing on incentives and pointing out the good. 

SEGUE-  The SEGUE program is new to Roy Junior this year.  “Social-Emotional Growth Using Education”.  This is a special education program that provides support to students with significant emotional and behavioral disorders, both in a self contained classroom setting an with push-out support to other classrooms.  They track student behaviors across a variety of necessary skills for success, in both educational and transition settings, teach social skills and healthy methods of coping with stress, frustration and other aversive circumstances.  Felicia Ellis, one of our resource teachers is over this program.  She is highly qualified and experienced in this area.  She brings confidence, expertise and skill to help these students be successful.

Boundaries for new schools-  The district will be looking for community members to be on the boundary community as they start to meet the first part of next year.

Trustlands-  We are putting together the 2022-23 trustlands plan and are looking for suggestions/ideas from our community council members.  Roy Jr would like to continue with programs that are now in place that are making a difference in the lives of our students.  We are also looking forward to continuing with teacher buy outs, technology, library resources, trainings, etc.  The new plan is due in February (no set date yet).  In our next community council meeting, we will also be discussing ideas for the TSSA and ESSR funds.

Accreditation-  Roy Junior will be going through the accreditation process Feb. 7-9.  This is the first time it will be done virtually. We want to give a big shout out to Amy Hall and the accreditation team for everything they have done to see that Roy Jr will have a great review.  The accreditation committee may ask for community council input during this time.  Mr. Murray asked of any of the council members would be willing to be interviewed?

Next Community Council meeting is February 16, 2022


Community Council Minutes 

September 15, 2021 

Attendees: Deanne Chaston, Amy Hall, Anndee Hoskins, Renee Johnson, Rich Murray, Suzanne Stirland, Joshua Thayne 

Welcome- Rich Murray 


School Exposure: Quarantine Opitons: Quarantine at home for 10 days, Quarantine at home for 7 days, then get tested... if negative and do not have any symptoms of COVID 19, you can return to school, wear a mask at school for 10 days, Wear a mask at school for 7 days and then get tested. If negative results on day 7 you can return to school. You don't need to wear a mask. 

Social Exposure: Exposures outside of school will need to quarantine (10 days, can test on day 7 and if neg. return to school) i.e. recreation sports teams (NO option to come to school with a mask, must stay home) 

Household Exposure: will quarantine 10 days or 20 days if the parent is + (no option to test at day 7 and return and mot option of coming to school with a mask) If individuals a re vaccinated they do not need to quarantine. 

See attached sheets for more information. 

ESSR- Esser funds are meant for COVID relief. These are a one time only funds. The funds are to go toward providers that are helping our students get back on track and make up lost credits. 

Examples- Counselors running emotional groups, Emotional mental health-What do parents want/need?, stipend for community workshops, authors, chefs, construction... community people showcasing what is possible and giving the students a vision of what their future can be. 

ESSR funds need to be tracked and documented such as the TSSA or Trustland funds. 

See attached listing of projected expenditures, descriptions and estimated costs. 

TSSA-TSSA funds are to be used for students...Policies and procedures are in place with student advocates to help students be successful. See attached sheet that details the plan that is in progress from our last years 20-21 Community Council/plan approved. 

A few of the events we have had the privilege of hosting... Reading Ambassador program through University of Arizona - Mr. Endicott, Health Science, Health Occupation (Roy Junior is the 1st school in the state to do this particular program)- Mr. Ropelato, Author Event- this event 

was a 4 day event with the final day being an author signing, book selling on Saturday September 4, 2021. There were an est. 2,000 that attended this incredible event. A big shout out and thank to our very own, Amy Hall for orchestrating this. We look forward to more events such as this in the future. 

Trust land Funds- The Trust lands report is ready to move forward. Mr. Murray will have it ready to view and discuss at the next Community Council meeting. 

Food Bank- Roy Junior High has started a food bank!! It's located in the old gym. We have been getting supplies from the Catholic Community Center and the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce. The food bank is available to any and everyone. Tues-Thurs. mornings. However if there is a parent that needs supplies any other time... we do what we can to accommodate them. We have had quite a few families in our area that has taken advantage of this program. We also have food packs that are available for students to take home after school. 

Lindy Besst has purchased a fridge and freezer for every school. We look forward to this program growing and being able to provide fresh produce and dairy to families in the future. 

The vision of the food bank is also to get the Student Govt involved in ordering, inventorying and stocking the food bank. 

Segue Program- Roy Jr has started a Tier 2 program and will be modeling this program for the District. Attached is a detailed form that explains the purpose and procedure of this program. School within a school. This is a very structured intervention program. 

Bond Meeting. There is a District Bond meeting scheduled to be at Roy Jr. September 22, 2021. The bond that they will be discussing is up for election Nov. 4, 2021. They are bonding for a new high school, junior high, elementary and elementary upgrades. These new school will affect boundaries for Roy Jr. 

Next Community Council meeting will be Oct. 20, 2021 @ 2:00p 


School Exposure: Quarantine Options : Quarantine at home for 10 days. Quarantine at home for 7 days and then get tested. If you test negative and do not have any symptoms of COVID-19, you can return to school. Wear a mask at school for 10 days. Wear a mask at school for 7 days and then get tested. If you test negative on day 7 you don't have to wear a mask anymore. 

If you are exposed to someone at school who tests positive for COVID-19, it will not be necessary to quarantine if: 

You are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (2 weeks after your final dose), or 

  • You and the person who tested positive were both wearing masks, or 
  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days or 

You were wearing a N95 or KN95 mask, even if the person who tested positive was not wearing a mask. *Social Exposure: Exposures outside of school will need to quarantine (10 days, can test on day 7 and if negative return to school) i.e. recreation sports teams (NO option to come to school with a mask, must stay home) *Household exposures will quarantine 10 days or 20 days if the parent is + (no option to test at day 7 and return and no option of coming to school with a mask) IF individuals are vaccinated they do not need to quarantine 

COVID cont. 

Adjustment to School 2% Threshold Counts: *Based on student enrollment counts, only! (Last year - based on "school population": students, teachers, staff) 

*For schools w/ less than 1500 students, the threshold mark is 30 positive cases. (Characterizes all of our secondary schools except for Roy HS, Fremont HS & Weber HS) Roy HS = 36 positive cases Fremont HS = 42 positive cases Weber H$ = 42 positive cases 

*We'll also consider a temporary school closure in the event that we can't safely instruct and supervise kids because a high % of teachers/staff are isolated/quarantined. 

*1% Threshold is Crossed: Consult with Gina/Clyde. Principal sends the "Test to Stay - School Community Letter" *The letter explains the Test to Stay requirement (as per SB 107) & responsive measures we'd like to remind about and implement. *The letter asks parents/guardians to provide prior permission to test their students so we can prepare for the Test to Stay event. 

1) All students wear a mask at school for the next 10 days to reduce the spread of the virus. 2) Please stay home if you are feeling any symptoms such as, fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea. 3) All faculty, staff and students should focus on personal hygiene protection such as handwashing, keeping unwashed hands away from the face, and covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing. 4) Increased sanitation at home and school (our custodians will increase focus in this area). 5) Avoid sharing personal items with those outside your own household. 6) Avoid crowds like in restaurants, fitness centers, movie theaters, etc. which may put you at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. *2% Threshold is Met: Consult with Gina/Clyde. Principal registers for a REDCap account and sets the date of Test to Stay: 


Expenditure Category 


Estimated Cost 

Actual Expenditure 

Class Size Reduction Strategies 

1 buy out to reduce dass size in resource 



1 buy out for a reading specialist to address struggling readers 


School Personnel Stipend 

provide student supervision while teachers are engaged in Professional development 


Before or After School Programs 

Provide funds for after school/Saturday remediation programs 


Additional School Employees 

Provide funds for 2 department aides to provide additional support to teachers 


School Personnel Stipend 

Provide stipend for edgenuity facilitator 


School Personnel Stipend 

Provide stipends for after school tutoring 





Goal #2 Expenditures 

Expenditure Category 


Estimated Cost 

Actual Expenditure 

School Personel Stipend 

Emotional and mental health support groups/Activities 


Emotional Learning/Mental Health Support 


prend for cercanos comunity workshop 



Goal 1 



EL Advocate 

$18,000 Ruthann Rose 

EL Parent Night LCSW 

$1,000 $12,500 Sorensen 

Digital Advocate DDD 

$3,000 Bodily $5,000 

ALEKS License 




Goal 2 

Working Lunch buy out 

$10,000 Harrison 

8th Period Stipend 


Panorama License 


Teacher Tech buy out 

$10,000 Ropelato 

In House Sub/Advocate 

$18,000 Dawn Larson 

Options Teacher(Full time) 

30,000 Angie Bodily 

VR Goggles TOTAL 

$12,000 Ropelato $84,800 



Blended Learning and the 20 minutes 

  • Tech Choice Board 
  • Teacher Incentives 
  • Teacher PD 
  • Monday - LIM,PD, Intervention video (MTSS 
  • Tuesday – PLC/Department meetings 
  • Wednesday – Blended learning PD 
  • Thursday – Teacher PD 
  • Friday - Blended Learning PD 

Roy Jr. High 2021-2022 

  • Endicott Reading Ambassador-Reading initiative 
  • Ropelato-Tech coach, Health program for CTE 
  • Amy Hall - Author event 
  • SEGUE Program 
  • Tier 2 initiative 
  • Panorama 


Utah State Bond of Education SCHOOL LAND TRUST 




USEE App Help Desk 

School Plan 2021-2022 - Roy Jr High 


Phone 0011508-7800 

School Plan Approved 

Roy Jr High School Memi 

School Plan Approval Details 

Royfr High Hope 

Current School Plan 

Final Report 

Upcoming School Plan 

Subinitted By: Rich Murray 

Submit Date: 2021-04-30 Admin Reviewer: Paula Plant Admin Review Date: 2021-04-30 

LEA Reviewer: Clyde Moore LEA Approval Date: 2021-05-06 Board Approval Date: 

Council Membership Signature Form 

State Goal 


Increase the number of gth grade students on track to graduate by 1%. 

Student Behaviors: 

-3+ Documented 

Incidents of Tier 2 -Sexual Harassment -Fighting -Bullying -Cyberbullying -"R-Rated" or 

Harassing Language 

Tier 3 Rare or Emergency 

Behavior & Intervention 5% - Admin Managed 

Teacher Actions: -Immediate Office 

Referral -Parent Contact (as 

coordinated with administration) 

-Under influence 

of alcohol or drugs -Harm to self or others -Specific Threats -Weapons -Vandalism & Major 

Property Destruction -Other Major Offenses 

My Student -Actions 

-Parent Contact -Refer to Admin -Events 

-As appropriate for behavior 

3+ Incidents of Tier 2, 6+ Incidents of Tier 1 - Tag in My Student, Contact Parent, Refer to Office 

Tier 2 Less Frequent Behavior and Intervention 

15% - Teacher/Classroom and Support Services Managed 

Student Behaviors: -"PG-13" Language -Minor Property 

Destruction -Lying -Vague Threats 

Teacher Actions: -*Parent Contact* -Written Warning -In-Class Behavior 

Contract -Restorative Referral -Reflection Sheet -Seat Away -Apology Letters 

My Student -Actions 

-Parent Contact -Contract/Classroom -Refer to Counselor -Events 

-As appropriate for behavior -Note occurrence of event 

3+ Incidents of Tier 1 Behavior - Tag in MyStudent, Contact Parent, Begin Using Tier 2 Interventions 

Tier 1 

Most Frequent Behavior & Intervention 

80% - Teacher/Classroom Managed 

Student Behaviors: 

- Minor Offenses, e.g.: -Creating 

distractions -Dress code 

violations -Talk-outs -Sleeping or work 


Teacher Actions: -Parent Contact -Precision Commands -Verbal Redirect -Hall Conversation -Breaks/Errands -Provide Choices -PBIS World Tier 1 

Only some examples here are appropriate for Tier 1 - use discretion 

MyStudent -Actions 

-Parent Contact -Warning -Events 

-As appropriate for behavior -Note occurrence of 


Foundational Interventions (Link) -Posted Rules & Expectations -Posted Learning Activities -Smooth Transitions 

-Basic Human Needs Met -Sensory Needs Met 

-Building Relationships (2x10)

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