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Community Council Minutes

Community Council Minutes                                                                       March 17, 2021

Rich Murray- Welcome

Attendees- Amy Hall, Rich Murray, DiAne Morin, Kevin Ropelato, Suzanne Stirland, Joshua Thayne

Trustland and TSSA Update- Rich Murray-  Due: March 26, 2021

The 2021-22 Trustland Plan is due the end of March.  All changes and/or improvements  will be done and the changes will be sent out for Community Council’s  approval before submitting the Plan.   The Trustlands plan will be emailed to all Community Council members next week.   See attached 2021-22 School Trustland Plan.

TSSA-   2020-21 testing data was inconclusive as the schools were closed down for the Corona Virus mandated shut down.   2020-21 testing data will be compared to 2019 to get a new base line.  It was suggested to have current data for GPA and testing be brought to the next Community Council meeting 4/28/21.  

TSSA Funds are to focused on student success-   Policies and procedures are in place with student advocates to help students be successful.      Mr. Thayne- suggested that there seems to be a gap in Math fundamentals and asked if a Math fundamental class for the up coming year is a possibility?  He feels that there have been quite a few students that have struggled with math skills through this COVID 19 time.    It was suggested to give one of our current math teachers a buyout through TSSA funds to teach a fundamental math class instead of a prep period.     Another option that was discussed: for one quarter to put students needing help with math into a Math teachers RIZE class for extra help.      Another suggestion from the council is to put a para professional in the math class to help kids.  It would also be helpful to get a list of incoming 7th graders (from the elementary-6th grade) with kids that need help , so they get the resources they need to be successful in Junior High School/

VR Goggles- Kevin Ropelato-  The District had questions about security with the VR goggles and would love to see the presentation that was given to the Community Council in a former Community Council meeting.     It was also suggested that Mr. Ropelato be trained as a tech working specifically with the  VR goggles.    Mr. Ropelato will look forward to presenting to the District.

AVID – Rich Murray-  Advancement via Individual Determination-  is an early college program to target first generation college students.   Focus being on mid achieving students with GPA’s of 2.0-3.5.  This course will focus on teaching students life skills, note talking, time management, how to apply for scholarships, how to be successful, etc.   To get kids interested in attending college and changing their direction for success for generations to come!    There is a training involved with those that teach this course.   It was suggested by the council the this would be an excellent tool for our diverse population here at Roy Jr. and would like to further explore this program.   TSSA funds would be where the money for the training and teacher would generate from.   Would like to have teacher (s) trained in the 21-22 school year.

Mr. Murray will talk to the school leadership team about this program.

Library funds proposal- Amy Hall-   see attached presentation.

It was proposed by council member Suzanne Stirland to have extra (if there are any extra funds at the end of the year) go to the purchasing of new library books/supplies.      It was seconded by  council member Renee Johnson

SR Funds- Rich Murray-  Roy Jr will be getting monies (approx. 100,000) to pay teachers to help students with loss of education during the COVID19 season.   The money will go to pay teachers for their time to help students with education loss, not for technology, but totally for educational remediation.  The remediation will be after school or possibly on the weekends.  ALL RJH  students will be invited and all subjects will be  included.   More information coming.

 Next Community Council meeting- April 28, 2021   2:00pm  in the RJH Library

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