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      Community Council Minutes

        March 19, 2018

Present: Eugene Endicott, Kristy Haws, Anndee Hoskins, DiAne Morin, Suzanne Stirland, Matt Williams

  1. Welcome-
  2. 2018 Early out schedule change- Mr. Williams-  For the 2018-19 school early , Roy Junior High will be having 2 early out days per month.  It has been proposed to have it be the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. The second Wednesday will be faculty meeting/Professional Development and the fourth Wednesday will be for PLC’s.
  3. Brainstorm ideas for accountability-Mr. Williams- We are looking for more ways to collect data, other than just SAGE.  Possible monthly or quarterly measure.

Suggestions- D, F and I report, SAGE, SLO, Attendance, adopted literacy program. It was also suggested by Mrs. Stirland to have the students do a survey at the first of the school year and again at the first of second semester…. Example- Math Confidence, Self Confidence.

Confidence levels will increase proficiency which can increase levels in every area.

Working lunch- working with students on the D, F and I report. Students will be invited as well as volunteer for the working lunch.  It is designed to be a positive working experience and environment.

Academic Advocate- Possibility of hiring another staff member to work with specific students, to help them academically and with attendance.  

  1. Solution Tree- This summer Roy Junior would like to send 5 teachers to the Solution Tree, RTI training.  This conference has proved to be very useful and beneficial in the past. Solution Tree will be offering a conference in the Salt Lake area this summer.  It was suggested that Roy Junior send 5 teachers from different departments. After the conference they would collaborate and do a faculty training for the school.
  2. New School Up-date- There have been approx. 30 architects have visited Roy Junior High to date…The District board will be reviewing bids, April 26, 27 2018.  In May 2018, The District will start looking into construction companies. Approx. ground breaking will March 2019. We are currently in the second phase on the bond.  The first phase is- working on Fremont High School and two Elementary Schools.

Roy Junior High’s new building will be unique to the previously built schools, to fit on the Roy Jr property.  We are looking forward to having a state of the art building and equipment.

Community Council meetings for the 2018-19 school will tentatively by on the 4th Wednesday at 2:00p in the main office.


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