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Community Council Minutes

                                                    Community Council Minutes

                                                         December 19, 2016

Present: Deann Chaston, Susy Hinsley, Anndee Hoskins, DiAne Morin, Molly Pagano, Matt Williams.

Welcome: Matt Williams

2017 Bond- Weber School District will be going through the bond procedure in the fall of 2017.

They are bonding for $110 million- with the purpose to rebuild Roy Junior High, build 4 new Elementary Schools  and add on to Fremont High School.  The new Roy Jr will take some pressure off of Rocky Mountain Jr High.  We are hoping to keep the Roy Jr High gymnasium.  With the bond in place it will raise the average home owners taxes 2.50 per month.  The District has a boundary committee at this time looking over, analyzing area boundaries.  This is a very taxing process as they look at both current and projected growth within the District boundaries.

See Roy Junior High main office for the District Boundary Study

Roy Junior High has now has an enrollment of 885 students with a projection of 925+ for the 2017-18 school year.

Attendance Goals- We are working diligently in decreasing the percentage of student absenses. At this time we have 30 9th grade students that are not on track to graduate.

These students have been working on the APEX program to recovery their credit.  APEX is available during our PEAK time (30 minutes each day) with Julie Titus supervising.  She is also available for 2 months in the summer to help students get organized and work to receive credit.

During PEAK each day…. Students are given 30 minutes to do homework and meet with teachers/advisors. On Fridays however- all students get an opportunity to do an intervention activity of choice. 

Sub Shortage- The District has asked Roy Jr to pilot a new program along with 4 other schools in the Weber School District.  They are currently working on the program and not many details are available at this time.  It has been suggested that the UEA possibly pay the teachers for the prep periods that they cover.  As of now…. As a teacher covers for other teachers during their prep time, those dates are recorded and after a teacher has covered 6 classes they are given a day off.

There is a great substitute shortage this year, district wide. It was also suggested that the district pay the substitutes more per day. Community Council suggestions are: to have the District add an incentive or bonus for the subs that pick up jobs, announce on the school website or in a newsletter the need for subs, raise pay, sub training, Thank You gift card.

Sub for Santa- Our Sub for Santa – Cents for Christmas program was a great success.  We were able to help 5  families.  We also had our Winter Dance and all of the proceeds went to Sub for Santa.   We also had a grandparent of one of our students come in on the 21st before we released students for the Christmas break, and brought $400 for our Children Manager to put in students lunch accounts that may be struggling.  The PTSA had a Friday donut day and donated 95.00 to Sub for Santa.

                                    Community Council Minutes

                                          November 21, 2016

Present: Eugene Endicott, Susie Hinsley, DiAne Morin, Matt Williams

Welcome- Matt Williams

2017 Bond- Matt Williams- We are now facing the 2017 Bond election.

It has been proposed that Roy Junior High as well as Kanesville Elementary, Majestic Elementary and Fremont High School, be schools that are going to be re-built/renovated.  A $110 million amount was proposed, which would raise property taxes approx.. $3.00 per month, per household.

A boundary committee has also been put in place to evaluate the population and growth within the District boundaries.

Proposed to take 50 students from Fremont High and put in Roy High for the 2017-18 school year.  The elementary and secondary schools will not change for the 2017-18 school year.  Boundary exception applications will be accepted.

Substitute shortage ideas- As of now the teachers that cover classes that do not have a sub are given a comp day after the teacher has covered 6 classes, during their prep time.   Suggestions from the Community Council are: do a sub training and put together a pool of people willing to sub, post needs on the Marquee and in the newsletter, have the District raise the sub daily pay.

The UEA is currently trying to help with this matter is whatever way they have means to. No specifics were mentioned.

Razorback Review- The Razorback review time seems to be working very well, helping students get back and keep on track.  English is using the Moby Max Program and the Math Dept. is using the ALEX Program.  50-70 students per month are taken from their PEAK class and are working on these programs in both computer labs.  Based on core level set, proficiency, and individual needs. At this time we are waiting for more time to get the improvement ratings. Each program has a measuring process installed.  In the future our Math and English Dept. heads will be invited to come to share details, progress and success of these programs.

The School Lands Trust plan has been approved and agreed unanimously by the council members.

Next Community Council meeting is Dec. 19, 2016



Community Council Minutes

                                                             October 17, 2016

Present: Eugene Endicott, Deann Chaston, Heather Hardy, Suzy Hinsley, DiAne Morin, Mollie Pagano, Matt Williams.

Matt Williams- Purpose of School Lands Trust Funds- Each individual School Lands Trust plans are to focus on the school’s most critical academic needs consistent with Section 53A-1a-108.5.  Funds are to be used to directly impact instruction and enhance academic excellence.  Plans shall include specific academic goals, steps to meet these goals, measurements to assess improvement and specific expenditures to implement plans.

Heather Hardy: Shared needs for the up coming 2016-2017 Accreditation- Accreditation comes around every 5 years.  The official visit will be 2 days.  This is a great time to prove our work ethic, procedures, vision, etc. As well as see how we can over-all improve.

Mission Statement-Empowering each student to succeed

Vision Statement- At Roy Junior we create a collaborative culture, focused on student attendance and achievement.

Motto- Come to class, YOU can pass.

Matt Williams- Razorback Review-   The name for intervention has been changed to Razorback Review.

Monday-Character Ed

Tues, Wed, Thur- reading time, homework, check on grades, etc.

Friday- Extension

The purpose of intervention- Math and English are rotated every other month, so the students can get more one on one help and understanding in these core subjects.  The Math Dept. is working through the ALEX program and the English through Moby Max.  These programs both have a graphing type outline so student progress can be measured.

Matt Williams- Over view of the 2016-2017 School Lands Trust  plan.

See Roy Junior’s main office to view the plan.

Upcoming Meetings- 11/21/16, 12/19/16, 3/20/16, 4/17/16

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