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You are cordially invited to: Back To School Night 2011-12

September 7, 6pm -8pm

Dear Parents,

            The Resource Staff and School Administration will launch an informative, explanative, and cooperative, evening with you and your student to begin the new school year. We want your child to achieve at their highest level possible. We know this is possible. We can all do it easier if we all do it together. 

Items for Discussion:

  1. 1.     In what classes should my student have homework?
  2. 2.     How will I know if my student is lying?
  3. 3.     How can my student get extra help at school?  (OOOH, GREAT QUESTION!!)

After-School-Tutoring Schedule: Mon.-Mrs. Patchett; Tues.-Mrs. Bills; Weds.-Mr. Demtrak; Thurs.-Mrs. Elzey

  1. 4.     What is my job as a parent as part of the IEP team?
  2. 5.     What, exactly, is an IEP?


Wewill discuss these questions and more while enjoying some refreshments in a relaxing atmosphere in the evening.  We will take a look at all the texts your student will use in 7th-9thgrades and how different teachers use them in their classrooms.  We will demonstrate how to get on the PORTAL, SCHOOL WEBSITE, and TEACHER BLOGS and make your life easier with that ball of raging hormones that is your Junior High student.

If you have any questions please contact Jay Demtrak, Samantha Bills, Jennifer Elzey, or Jana Patchett at Roy Jr.  Your student will receive 100 points in one of his/her resource classes if parent/s attends. 



Roy Junior SPED Staff

P.S. “We” means the entire IEP team for each student and that includes YOU!

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